Why Bali is One of The Top Tourist Destination

Excellent value for money. For both luxury and budget accommodation, you can expect to get more compared to other tropical destination.
World-class international festivals held annually.
Experience the rich culture and unique island, with thousands of temples and traditional Balinese ritual happening almost every day.
Beautiful and stunning natural beauty; from the coastline to the forest; from caves to the lake.
Shopping spree. Market shops and stalls selling all sorts of things from edgy skirt, silver accessories, art paintings to wooden items.
Affordable international flights – many of them with direct flight route. Just a ride away to paradise!
Nature-adventure awaits. Endless cycling path lined by rice paddy fields, trek off road to Kintamani or enjoy whirls while rafting.
Super family and children friendly. Lots to do and discover, once again: value for money and many choices of villas that offer you the space and privacy.
Wellness & Spa – Bali is probably the capital of the body mind and soul of Southeast Asia, some say the world.
A broad selection of the coolest cafes and coffee shops with an authentic blend.
Culinary variety – thousands of restaurants. The full spectrum of gastronomic path, from seafood to suckling pig. Spend 1 or 50 dollar meal – it would be mouthwatering.
Perfect place for spiritual retreat. Yoga, Pranayama, alternative healing.
Surfer’s heaven and diver’s adventure.
Daredevil activities including paragliding and bungee jumping.
Get Married! Bali is a unique destination for a wedding with a variety of cultures.
Experience the Day of Silence during Nyepi Day where no activity is allowed.
High-class clubbing. Rooftop bars and beach lounges.
Kuta and Legian – Party all night. Spend a little – party hard.
Artwork. Extensive exhibition of wood and stone carvings for art enthusiasts



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